Color Intensity by Garnier

I totally meant to put up a post about my haircut and colour  but as usual I forgot. And then I got new bout a new range of hair colours from Garnier and I thought ‘Okay, this might b a good time to bring up my new/old haircut!’

So yeah, I got my hair done early December (just in time for my birthday) and this was the first time in about three years that I got a full hair colour done. I had totally forgotten the feeling of a head full of newly coloured hair. You feel like a new you! I wonder why I stopped? (Okay, seriously, I know why I stopped: I was colouring my hair too much!)

Getting back to Garnier, let’s take a look at their new Color Intensity range.


Garnier claims that with these colours,  striking mirror-shine hair is now possible at home, giving every woman the chance to stand out and show the world who she really is”.

With 13 intense shades to choose from, Garnier Color Intensity has a shade for everyone and is the perfect everyday accessory for women who want their personality to shine through – and who wouldn’t want to be seen for the amazing woman that they are?

So whether you’re calm and collected or a larger than life character, a thinker or a doer, laid back or fiery, Garnier Color Intensity has the perfect shade to suit you. A permanent color cream, Garnier Color Intensity has a unique formula and intense pigments for an ultra-visible hair color. Enriched with mother-of-pearls and flower oil, it will also leave you with hair which reflects light and shimmers for a stunning mirror-shine effect. 

Easy to use with an exquisite floral scent and incredibly rich creamy texture, it’s the perfect way to get intense color and shine in the comfort of your own home. This, combined with long-lasting rich color and 100% grey coverage that lasts up to nine weeks, makes Garnier Color Intensity a must-buy on your next shopping trip. Garnier Color intensity is available in 13 shades at leading supermarkets and pharmacies and retails at 19.25 AED.

  • Garnier Color Intensity is available in 13 shades:

–        Browns: Dark Brown; Medium Brown; Golden Brown; Cinnamon Brown; Dates Brown

–        Blacks: Intense Black; Ebony Black

–        Blondes: Dark Blonde; Medium Blonde; Luminous Light Blonde; Luminous Very Light Blonde;

–        Reds: Intense Dark Red; Intense Ruby

If you want to read more, or want to find out which color and shade best suits your personality go to their Facebook page. 

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