As the exclusive nail sponsor of Adam Selman’s Fall / Winter 2015 runway collection show at New York Fashion Week, Sally Hansen worked backstage with Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole to create a bold, intricate look inspired by the designer’s use of Ric-Rac detailing.


Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador, Madeline Poole, customized a precisely patterned, illusive look to accompany Adam Selman’s latest collection,using fashionable darker shades of the Miracle Gel color palette.

“I love to look into the fine details in Adam Selman’s collection to find inspiration for the nails,” says Madeline Poole.

“Adam is using a lot of Ric-Rac to border the edges of his pieces. We’re painting squiggles in Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in the shades Blacky-O and Wine Stock on a clear background to give the illusion of scraps of Ric-Rac across the nails.”

Poole worked with dark, rich colors to achieve a striking squiggle pattern to mimic the collection’s eye-catching designs.

To elevate this look, Poole used a clear base polish on the nail, drawing more attention to the wave design and grounding the intricate nail aesthetic with an element of simplicity.

Point of Sale: Wojooh, Lifestyle and Carrefour
Price: 43AED


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