Positivity Plan – from Special K

At the end of last year, Special K commissioned a study of 1,001 UK adults to highlight the impact of size jibes and shift the conversation around weight to a more positive one. Click here to read more about the survey and it’s results. 

Asa result of the shocking finding of the survey, Special K  roped in Positivity Psychology Coach Miriam Akhtar  to create a plan which reveals the simple steps for a life free from negativity, and thus the Positivity Plan was born.

The Plan comprises of 10 simple steps for a healthy, happier state of mind free from negativity. We all know that having a positive mental attitude is beneficial for our well-being.

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Is ‘fat talk’ weighing us down?

According to a study carried out by Special K late last year, that  a third of Brits prepared to end a relationship over size jibes, while half are too insecure about their bodies to be intimate with a partner!

If you think that’s shocking, then here are some more shocking insights gleaned from the same survey.

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The Splash 2014 Calendar!

With the end of the year comes one of me favourite things: the annual Splash Calendar.

It’s that time of the year again! The Splash 2014 Limited Edition Calendar is being launched tonight.

Check out the official teaser here.

I’m attending the launch party tonight. Stay tuned for stories and pictures 🙂


Chat with Deepika and Ranveer!


Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were in Dubai on Sunday 3rd November to promote their upcoming film Ram Leela. The event was organized by Essar Events and took place at Grand Hyatt hotel.

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Happy Diwali!

Wishing all my lovely readers a very happy Diwali! And of course, the greetings come with a little story about what I wore that made the  special day even more special for me 🙂

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Men vs. Monsters

Read this article in today’s paper and very intrigued to see this play about the trials and triumphs of women who have been sexually abused, though I am pretty sure it will never come to Dubai 😦

The incident that inspired this play (the gang rape and subsequent death of a New Delhi medical student last December) has effected so many of us in such differnt ways. I remember being physically repulsed at the thought of cruelty men are capable of. I didn’t even know her and I still can’t think about her without my eyes welling up. Not very many days go by in between my heart sending out prayers for her and girls like her.


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Forever an 80s Girl!

This fabulous article on some of the top 80s fashion trends made me so nostalgic!

Ultimate 80s style icon: Madonna!

Ultimate 80s style icon: Madonna!