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  1. Hi Ujala,

    I stumbled onto your blog by accident and found it very interesting to read about all of the different and very creative things that you do. I live in Europe and have very little idea about anything that goes on in Dubai. I do understand that the government of the United Arab Emirates seems to want to develop the tourism in the country. When I looked at the long list of very different things that you are doing and your very creative wardrobe design in combination with the courses in scriptwriting and production that you took, I was wondering why you don’t just open up your own theater in Dubai ? Or start a theater group, right a play or some sketches and tour the local hotels with your group in order to keep tourists entertained.

    In Europe it is very common that in places with a lot of tourism such as for example Spain, the local Hotels and holiday facilities hire entire teams to entertain the guests during their holiday. So for the larger facilities it is quite normal that they do not just have sailing, diving, surf- and tennis instructors working for them but they also have entire so called Animation Teams that organize anything that has to do with theater, sketches, but also dance or pool activities. These Animation Teams sometimes organize, produce and perform musicals during the entire tourist season.

    Given the variety of skills and interests that you have, it just seems like an ideal next step to put together a team of people and tour the local hotels with either a self written theater performance or even better a variety of musicals. Since it is of course difficult to find enough people who can sing really well, all of the music is usually playback. In Europe you would not have any difficulty to find young people who love to do this type of work for very little pay, because they get to work on stage (fun) in an area that most people pay for to go on Holiday.

    You could for example start with some of the more well known Musicals that are very successful on Broadway or at the West End. I am sure that not everyone who likes to look at musicals has the ability to travel to either New York or London to see them.

    Below a list of the most successful and long running musicals:

    Once you have a group of people together who are willing and able to perform for a longer period of time you can visit every major Hotel or Tourist Facility in Dubai to sell the idea to them that they should hire you and your group to perform a certain musical or theater production for them like ones a week.

    I think that it could be a very good idea for you to combine a lot of the talents that you have and further your turnover. Of course I am clueless if you even want to go into that direction.
    Anyway I enjoyed reading your blog. Happy 9th Anniversary !

    Kind Regards,
    Edith Komes

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